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    rivers west

    hi there lads i have 3 rivers west smocks in stock in olive drab green on in large and 2 in XL these are new and are 150 plus 10 p+p
    and also i have a cap in max1 in large 20 plus 5 p+p

    any more info just let me no thanks
    calton moor range

    rivers west stockist

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    hi there lads i have now in stock anything u want the full range if not got the size u need can get it in 2 working days
    calton moor range


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    Have you got any of those face masks in like mat had, like a neck warmer that can be pulled up to cover your face?

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    hi dean they have non in the uk but as soon as they come in ur the first to get one

    calton moor range


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    thanks for that mike, will be over this next week for some ammo and primers, let me know when you have the norma 270 brass please

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    Hi Mike, can you get me a box of soft point 130 grain bullet heads for .270 variation due back next week so can start to work a load, also need a lee die set full length, seating and crimp dies

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    hi dean got you some bullet heads and some brass


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    thanks for that mike, be over next week

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    have you got any more of those bum bags for round your waist that are big enough to hold a couple of knives and wipes an nitryl gloves like you use? if so can you save me one please

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