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Thread: Beginners Course in Red Deer Management Including A Cull Stag

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    DAY TAKEN Beginners Course in Red Deer Management Including A Cull Stag

    Attachment 12185Attachment 12181Attachment 12183Attachment 12184I have anopportunity for a novice/beginner deerstalker to undertake a beginnerís course in red deer management that will include the culling of a large red stag 10 point plus as part of the day.

    THE CULLING OF THIS PARTICULAR ANIMAL MUSTBE UNDERTAKEN BY TUESDAY 7th FEBRUARY but further opportunities may be availablethroughout the year.

    My beginner's course was very popular last year but this is the first time Ihave advertised on the SD.

    The course will include:

    • Range time on life-size red deer targets from 100 yards out to 250
    • Bullet placement and the practice of culling deer in a park environment
    • Culling of a red stag under supervision (10 point plus)
    • Photo opportunities
    • Hands on training in the gralloching and
    • Training in inspection of the carcass for disease
    • Hands on training in skinning and
    • Breaking the carcass down into its primary pieces for the larder
    A certificate will be provided to show youhave had basic training in the red deer management and the successfully culleda deer under supervision.
    The day will start with breakfast(provided) and you should bring a packed lunch to eat in the field.
    Participants will be receive a smallcomplimentary meat package and are also invited to take the stagís head ifdesired.
    I can also arrange to have the headprofessionally cleaned and mounted for you at an additional cost.


    For more information and costs please PM assoon as possible.
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