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Thread: mole trap

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    mole trap

    Hi all been asked by a local farmer to deal with some moles which are causing him some problems. Does anyone know of any best methods or traps to use ?

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    send a pm to countryboy. hes a top mole catcher and sound bloke

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    i use the double long ones which trap at either end .

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    hi woody
    try gives a lot of good advise how
    to trap moles.

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    Talpex traps. Through force of circumstance I am becoming quite good at it. I have used the tunnel ones but have not found them as successful.

    But do not pay 17 for two. Only put up the link for you to see the options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by collieman View Post
    hi woody
    try gives a lot of good advise how
    to trap moles.
    +1 for this. i do pest control for a living and have always gassed moles as the boss didnt like using traps. after reading the advice from walcote farm i persuaded the boss to let me try and have not looked back. i tried talpex traps and they work but no better than the traditional scissor type. i always bend the legs of the traps as advised and compact the tunnel.

    happy trapping and let us know how you go

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    To be honest you are probably better to get somebody that knows what they are doing, even if you have to pay as the time you will save in the long run will save you a fortune,if you go down this road ask if you can tag along and see what you can learn,even if you get a pro in for a day or depending how bad the infestation is
    90% will be caught on the first setting so you could have a go at the re sets, expect to pay approx 10 per hr + 5 per mole.....

    Hope this helps

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    Hi Woody

    If you are not familiar with mole trapping , go for the small Fenn type scissor trap, they are the smallest ones of the bunch and the probably the cheapest @ around 5.50 each.

    The half barrel or duffus trap is the most commonest trap, I use the fenn and the talpex type myself I find the duffus take a lot of ground to set them and really I use them for sandy soil if at all. keep away from the long handled traps you see in the garden centres, they are terrible to use.

    Take your time finding the good runs and try to read the ground for worm movement and freshness of the hills will guide you to the best area of activity, take some time to find the entry runs to the areas from adjacent ground, you may find the neighbour has 10 times as many hills and the bit you are doing is a small corner, don't give up . take your time and the traps will produce.

    PM me if I can be of any help


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    Tunnel just make sure you mark it well or you will leave alot under the ground.

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    You can catch moles with any type of trap if set properly I find no differance in the amount I catch with each type of trap.
    I disagree slightly with the guy from walcote farm his technique sounds fine but it is not light that is the problem it is air pressure in the tunnel that tells the mole there is a problem.
    The mole comes along the tunnel and comes across a differance in air pressure his whiskers detect this so he fills in the hole that is causing the problem along with your trap.
    If you want to know how I know my grandfather was a professional mole trapper and my father as well but I am only an amateur.
    If it was light that was the problem you would catch them in the night.
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