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Thread: Black mutations of the Grey Squirrel.

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    Black mutations of the Grey Squirrel.

    Out of interest, are there any of these near you yet?

    As they are supposed to be better survivors than the Grey does this pose interesting questions for future control measures?

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    You mean one these

    They are slightly bigger than a grey and a lot more aggressive, also they seem to be a lot more hardy than a grey and have less disease problems
    In all they will be the downfall of the grey and in time will possibly wipe them out
    The question is can you deal with the devil you know or the devil you don't??

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    Stone where do you have these squirrels, the black ones in the USA are just a different color,the larger fox squirrels are easier to shoot than the greys.

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    They are Ninja russian 'flesh eating' squirrels! See here:
    What chance will the reds have against these bad boys?
    Or..... maybe they would hybridise with them to form cute little black and tan versions!

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    I saw a few just south of Bedford last year chap told me they are plentiful around those parts

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    Quote Originally Posted by MONGOOSE View Post
    I saw a few just south of Bedford last year chap told me they are plentiful around those parts
    That's probably because they escaped from Woburn which was where the greys also originally escaped from! The 11th Duke of Bedford was also responsible for Muntjac so he's got quite a lot to answer for really! It's no coincidence that there are a lot of CWD around there too!!!!

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    I saw two in a large garden near Roxton, just off the M11. These were black, not blackish but black as coal. Quite striking.

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    Surely it's wrong to stereotype the black ones as being more aggressive and more likely to attack the paler shades of the species?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cougar View Post
    How wide spread are they?
    all over the f.....g woods if i get one in my sights

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