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Thread: any smart car info wanted

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    any smart car info wanted

    With the rising cost of fuel im looking into getting a second hand smart car to use for work any one got one ?what mpg are you getting anything to look out for when buying second hand?insurance cost/tax etc cheers jason....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayy2 View Post
    With the rising cost of fuel im looking into getting a second hand smart car to use for work any one got one ?what mpg are you getting anything to look out for when buying second hand?insurance cost/tax etc cheers jason....
    There not smart there crap! so crap merc wont put there names on them, un reliable ! Get a fiat panda

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    The motoring correspondent of Chap Magazine wrote a few years ago approximately thus:

    Smart Car:
    not really smart
    not really a car

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    Can't be that bad, CoCo The Clown uses them in his act??

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    they are a money pit mate, they more than make up for the economy with the servicing and repair costs. Here is an example to change the 6 yes 6 spark plggs in the little 3 cylinder engine the book time is half an hour. So that seams ok but to do this the rear bumper and rear wheel arches have to come off, and the fixings are always seized or the heads chewed off. never managed to do one in less than an hour. get a vw polo or lupo

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    I worked with some guys from the development company called Rucker in Germany and they told me that Merc did a crashtest of a smart against an E class saloon and the smart had less passenger/dummy damage because the panels are spotwelded together under holding pressure to up the body stiffness levels as there is no crush zone to speak of.
    Yeah / I am a body development engineer by profession. I rented one to go from Stuttgart to Dover & back in 2001 it was 850 km oneway and it was a backbreaking crap hard ride though.

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    If it weren't for the tools I have to carry I'd have one jay, give Peter a buzz the guy you bought the press from he runs a few of them now and may be able to source you a cheap one.
    Girl I used to see drove one she could 90 out of it and reported up 90 mpg
    Anglo deer management and training
    Yet another 7mm 08 user ..................... if Carlsberg made calibers.........................

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    A mate has a second hand Smart dealership, here in Yorkshire. If you'd like his details PM me and ill let you have them. Spot on guy that will do you a good deal I'm sure.

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Having read the answers given here I have to assume none of you have owned one.
    700cc ones avoid, engine goes pop at less then 50K, about a 1K to fix, on the other hand if priced right it satill makes sense as cheap car.
    800cc ones much better, both these earlier versions are good on fuel, and will get what the book says.
    The newer 451's (07 0n for petrol and 09 on for diesel) with the 1000cc jap engine are reliable but not so good on fuel, 35 to 50 mpg depending on how they are driven, and Turbo or not.
    The 800cc diesel (still a merc engine) is better on fuel, but not book figures, mine gets 65 ish to the gallon around town, 75 plus on a run, with free road tax.
    Only had one fault, gearbox related that was sorted free of charge, after the warrenty had run out.
    Check this forum for more info Smartz


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    Nope never owned one never will. Picked up a few when driving the slide and tilt. I have no time for them.. real gimmick if you ask me. The small Citreon diesel does as many MPG's has proper seating and load room. Daihatsu probably as good if not better. of course not so fashionable.

    I rate the smart car along with the new MIni both were designed to fleece the yuppie types and both are unreliable and expensive. Picked up loads of those crap Minis with the truck.

    Had some joker at a Bisley show tell how great their smart was. How they drove to the South of France in it with enough room for their lap top............................................... ......... Gee whiz.................................. I asked where exactly would I put a rifle let alone the dog? At the time I had the Citreon BX 17TZD which gave 69 MPG on a run and about 45 MPG in town plus could carry everything I wanted in more comfort... No brainer to me.

    The only Smart thing about those vehicles is the smart way they get you to pay for them ................................................ the term fleeced comes to mind.

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