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Thread: Oor wee shoot.....

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    Oor wee shoot.....

    Some pictures of our syndicate....

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    Some cracking pics RD what were your shoot averages this year?

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    Rd I,m confused what's all the white stuff, really good pictures.

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    Them pictures were very good and it looked a lovely place to shoot

    well done

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    Good days, enjoyed by all, by the looks of it
    It's accuracy that kills.

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    Nice to see a proper crew of spaniels, and not one running in, Pah where did I go wrong with my lot

    Cracking pics, looks like a good day had by all. wee bit of snow, something we haven't had this season (yet)

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    One of the best set of photographs I have seen on the site. Hope you had a good season after all the work you put in.

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    Thanks guys... we have something very unique and Gargunnock birds take some shooting, we have 10 woodlands and a lovely village nearby... some guns really struggle late on but i think they like it that way.

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    As said cracking pics, you can see on the faces the hit's and misses! Nice dog pictures and good to see some young ones getting involved, also can see the day light start to wane and those stock fences, hate them!


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    Nice photos over the Carse. I think there are a few nice roe deer in them woods as well when a pheasant shoot isn't on.

    I take it these were last Seasons photos?

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