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    Hi all,
    my name is Solvi and I have some friends in UK that I hunt with. I think this is a good side to gain some knowledge from, for my future hunting and some advice and tips on guns and reloading.
    My rifles are SAKO 222 heavy barrel, SAKO 85 in ī308 and SAKO 75 in 300WM + 3 Remington shotguns. I reload for my rifles but itīs not worth it to load for the shotguns.
    And I am a member of BASC

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    Welcome to the site Solvi,

    I have often wondered what shooting there is in Iceland. I know there is very good Salmon fishing, but h ve not heard of anyone shooting there are there any Deer?

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    The only deer we got is reindeer, but we have plenty of grouse, geese and ducks and they are the most popular.
    Many hunt seals just for the sport. In the winter we hunt the Artic Fox. There is a lot of sea birds that we hunt from boats and from the cost.

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    Solvi you old goat, I hope you are well?

    Are you coming over to Suffolk next month?

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Hello and welcome to a member from possibly the most visually impressive countries, in the world. Love Iceland, hope you enjoy the forum!

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Learn things? Well, you have the choice of rifle completely sorted. Humour aside - this site is a great resource.
    Stalking, Courses, Gear - Moray Outfiiting Website here - Welcome
    BASC Approved Trainer & Assessor. Cairngorm National Park Authority Approved Supplier. Supported by Sauer Arms
    See you at the Stalking Fair, Scone & Moy 2017

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    Thanks for the warm greetings.
    Brian can't do, going to Norway in April and then for 15 days to Turkey for the sun with my grandsons, so I have to mind the budged. If thinks go as planned, I will visit Paul in Baldock after the reindeer season.

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    nice to see you have joined the SD.

    Best wishes Paul.
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