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Thread: Wanted - stainless steel table

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    Wanted - stainless steel table

    I'm looking for a stainless steel table for butchering roe on and an occasional sheep. I think it will need to be about 120cm by 60cm.

    Let me know if you have one, I live in east lothian.



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    Hi David 1976

    I have a spare one but guess we are to far apart, im in Norfolk.

    Turkey county as one member (Snowstorm) affectionately called it


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    I am selling a 2nd hand stainless steel range cooker, the thought occured to me that if I can't sell it I will salvage the stainless sides and make my own portable tabletop.

    Perhaps try your local scrap yards to see if they have any you could pull apart for a fiver? or the side off a SS fridge or sink unit? there are also often sheets of stuff for sale on goofbay.

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