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Thread: Prvi 140 grn 7mm BC

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    Prvi 140 grn 7mm BC

    Anyone know the BC of the 140grn 7mm bullets used in the 7mm08 ammo?Muchas Gracias...
    Billy no guns.

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    Not offhand, but email them:

    I did this for their 6.5mm JSP and got a reply very quickly.

    maximus otter
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    I don't know the BC but I buy these soft point boat tail bullets in component form to reload for my 7x57. I had good luck with them last fall. Accurate and killed white tail and mule deer well.~Muir

    PS: I bought 1000 of these bullets. I'd be interested to hear what PRVI says about the BC.

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    Thanks chaps. I emailed them yesterday but no response as yet. Muir, I'll et you know what the answer is if I get one.
    Billy no guns.

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