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Thread: Variation paperwork finally sent off!!

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    Variation paperwork finally sent off!!

    Hi all

    I've just been to the post office and got my variation paperwork in the post, special delivery so happy that that part of it is sorted, just gotta wait to hear back now......
    I contacted Avon and Somerset a while back and they said that current turnaround for variations is 3-5 weeks, which isn't too bad, and I'm going to be interested to see how they handle mine - only had my FAC 5 months (SGC 5 years or thereabouts), got a 22lr but this is my first deer-legal calibre application.
    Anyway, I've included (as well as the mandatory paperwork) a photocopy of my DSC1, a letter of reference from a friend who I have been out stalking with a few times, and contact details of two other stalkers who kindly let me join them aswell (thanks again Mark and Rich!!), I've also enclosed a land permission, and mentioned that I have the relevant insurance.

    Now to wait and see! I am interested to see if they are going to choose to pay me a visit, and try and get me a mentoring condition etc., but I believe that I have a good leg to stand on when it comes to giving reasons why I don't think that's necessary. Reading some of the threads on this site to do with variations and conditions etc. has been quite helpful, I've got a better idea of how best to deal with different situations that may come up.

    Anyway, as usual I'm going on a bit (a lot), so I'll stop there!

    Can't wait to get hold of my first deer/fox rifle!! (.243 is what I went for in the end by the way!!)



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    You seem to have a handle on most of the 'issues' that might arise, and if you've had a look at some of the other threads running on here you'll have an idea of what you are entitled to ask for in law.

    Some FLDs, (A&S I believe are among them), try to impose their own set of criteria on applicants for deer calibre rifles - mentoring, DSC1, etc. etc. You shouldn't have any problem given the items you've mentioned, but it's worth bearing in mind that they must consider each application on it's own merits, i.e. 'blanket' policies should not be imposed - HO Guidance Chapter 13.3 applies.

    Good luck with it.

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    Cheers Orion and yea, reading the HO guidance has really helped!
    Thanks mate

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