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Thread: Warning from Admin

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    Warning from Admin

    Of late we seem to have a number of people who are joining the site or who are recently established members that are overlooking or completely ignoring the advertising rules of this site.

    As it is only 10 a month to advertise your business on here it is not a kings ransome! However some people are using the classified section and hunting and stalking sections to run a business. Whilst Admin have no issue with members selling individual personal items we do seem to be getting those that continue to post items for sale which is obviously from a business.

    Furthermore offering goods for sale that belong to a friend or uncle joe is also not allowed, and Admin are getting complaints from those honest members who are paying their 10 a month, as this is a dis service to them.

    I will be consulting with my two colleagues on how to tackle this issue, but anyone who openly advertises without paying will be removed from the site, therefore if you are considering offering a service on this site please read the advertising rules, otherwise dont be suprised if you find your membership terminated.

    Thank you


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    So, ok to sell personal bits and bobs or offer "free" services. If it's for others or business, jog on. I suppose if in doubt, ask.

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    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm very hard to police i should imagine , especially as some things offered for free are a lure to attract further business .

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    I think there is a point every one knows of some one being ripped off. If you are a trade member you will normally be know and traceable to the Admin. But should you be selling for some one else and that person might let the site members down then there is no recourse to the members who have been let down and the person who set the add up will say its not his fault he only done it for his friend.

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    You would be surprised at how many we catch out, some are not even advertising they are just "testing the water" to see if it's worth advertising! you want to test the water got to the seaside, you want to advertise pay your tenner, simples!!!


    Quote Originally Posted by Monument veiw View Post
    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm very hard to police i should imagine , especially as some things offered for free are a lure to attract further business .
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    I would just like to say to the Admin staff.

    If my sales are classed in this manner I will pay the 10 costs, im not a trader but i do not want to infringe the rules and get into bother,

    thank you

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