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Thread: Stalking /witnessing / learning opportunity

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    Stalking /witnessing / learning opportunity

    The intention is to provide, for SD members, of all capabilities the opportunity to gain a little knowledge and experience in deer stalking. Although it all started primarily to provide a service for those wishing to get witnessed stalks for their level 2, it seemed natural to extend the offer to all members who are either looking for witnessed stalks for their level 2 or training for it, have their level 1 and are looking for more experience and perhaps instruction, and for complete novices who are just looking for experience, and maybe their first stalk.
    Our intention is that during October of this year we plan to offer a three day course / opportunity / experience call it what you will for site members. The three days will mean different things to different people, there will be a target range set up where people can zero their weapons, and prove to us that they can hit what they aim at. For those looking for witnessed stalks there will be the opportunity for this both with a CW and AW, for those just wanting to be accompanied on a stalk to gain experience, there will be an opportunity for this. Like wise those wishing to receive training prior to an assessment stalk this will also be available, and of course larder work.
    The stalking will take place either on Malcolm’s large lease where there will be the opportunity for both Red and Sika, this will include hill stalking. There will also be the small SD lease available which is forestry and should provide access to Roe and Sika.
    Accommodation will be two premises on the large lease. There will be room for eight people per three day course, which means a full house could see sixteen people present during the week. The exact
    It will be on a first come first served basis, so those interested should pm me, together with what it is they are looking for. There will a deposit from each person of £10 just to ensure that there are no time wasters.
    The final cost has yet to be calculated, but it will not be profit making, it will just cover the cost of the property rentals and the various witnesses expenses. Carcases will be priced at the going rate.
    This is the offer the rest is up to you.


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    Fantastic! This is what makes this forum different!

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    Fantastic! This is what makes this forum different!

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    you can say that again paul

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    when i done my level one with dominic griffiths and blue Tomas they came over to ireland it was a very interesting week blue is a wild card for sure .i done my level two with a guy that came over for a stag and a few hinds for a week i think he learned more than me ,dont think he seen hind culling before .

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    teach me

    This sounds bloody great but i will have to work hard
    at the memsahib first

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    Just an update with regard to dates. The week will be the one starting 19th October. However, people can arrive Sunday late Afternoon / evening. This will then allow them to be able to start on Monday morning with whatever they have in mind, actually the very first thing will be what we have in mind .

    The first people will have to be away Wednesday afternoon / evening as those that will be there on the second half of the week will need the beds Wednesday night. We are making every effort to get the bed linen changed Then it all starts again Thursday Morning. Hope this helps with your fixing dates etc.


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    stalking /witnessing/learning

    great oppertunity from a great forum

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    I to will offer my services and will conduct each assessment with complete professionalism. Best of luck all

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    Thank you gents, I have put your details into my little database.


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