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Thread: Advice wanted on Jacket

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    Advice wanted on Jacket

    I want to buy a stalking jacket and I am keen to see the item and try it on before i buy.

    I have been looking at the Hakila prohunter jacket and wonder if anyone knows a shop in the south East that actually stocks this make. All I can find is internet suppliers. Any advice on other jackets very welcome also!

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    where abouts in the South East and how far would you be willing to travel to see it ? i know a shop in Dunmow Essex called Jacks that did have these in Stock a while ago

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    Hi Daniel
    Thanks for the reply, I live in Sutton (South London) near junction 8 on the M25.
    Dunmow would be a bit of a trek I think.
    All London shops I can find dont stock Hakila for some reason...plenty of Aigle,Fjallraven etc.

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    Thomas Turners in Reading were selling them, not sure if they still are?

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    Hi Deerstalker
    Thats more like it and Im very grateful for all the help.
    This really is a great forum.

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    Can recommend deer hunter jackets. Always waterproof - in my experience and warm too.

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    It might have been less helpful, I've just checked their website and they don't appear to stock them any more......I got my Pro hunter trousers through them at a bargain price about a year ago hence the suggestion. Sorry, if I think of anywhere else I'll shout.

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    If we all buy the cheapest off the net this will be more common !

    Are you going to try on the shops coats then buy off the net ?

    Support your local gunshop or lose it !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by splash View Post
    If we all buy the cheapest off the net this will be more common !

    Are you going to try on the shops coats then buy off the net ?

    Support your local gunshop or lose it !!!
    splash i know where your coming from,

    but there is a recession, but the shops don't seem to think so,

    eg: 270 for 1,000 17hmr local gun shop. they all have masks and have black powder pistols and a horse called Bess.

    if i could buy it of the inter net cheaper and legally then i would,

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    I always buy what's on offer when I need it,I wouldn't pay a ridiculous amount of money on one just to rip it on barbed wire,I did that to a new pair on deer hunter trousers on first outing once

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