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    I am wondering if I can set up a range on my place. I've plenty of space, 13 acres, but whilst there's a good slope on the ground there is a track and a canal towpath that border me. I can get a 100m range shooting into the sloping bank with 4 metres of vertical height sloping pasture above the target before a wood with a track in it. I'm just not sure whether folk would think that's enough.

    I could of course zero over a shorter range with more ease but am unsure what range that should be.

    Any thoughts?



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    Have you got an open licence?

    do you think its safe?

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    the best course of action is to get the FEO involved but be very wary i have set up three ranges in the past for people it is all in the wording
    this is mine

    the longest shot i have is 150 meters with a 75 yard the land and range is cleared up to a 470

    as i said it is in the way you word it if you call it a range you need independent public liability and insurance if the public have access to the range. if the public do have access to the range you can only use it for 28 days a year with out requiring planning permission. if it is for your own use then you only need to get the FEO in if
    1 If you don't have an open licence
    2 If the land needs to be passed for you to shoot on with the intended caliber of rifle
    3 if you do not have the zeroing over land on your certificate not to be mixed up with zeroing at an approved range
    it is still the best advice to get the FEO as i would not want to have a problem in the future

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    Thanks for the input folks.

    My FLO is happy for me to do it but I'm not a 100%. I've been asked to prove my competency with estate rifles in worse settings than my own but the fact I'm umm'ing and ah'ing says something!


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    well the best advice i can offer is what i tell people I escort on days if youíre not 500% sure of the safety then DONT pull the trigger as you canít recall a bullet

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    Sorry but that looks like a complete no-no to me, your rifle is/would be pointing in the direction of a path, 4 meters or not I wouldnt do it, just my opinion.

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    It is a dangerous myth that sloping ground "a natural backstop" behind a target makes a range safe. In fact the angle of some of these makes it less safe - at certain angles - and only increases the danger area length behind the target.

    The solution may be to sink a large concrete pipe of some two metres diameter into the pasture and set you target inside that.

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    The only real prob with the large concrete pipes is that you must install a couple of fans down range and turn on briefly between shots - otherwise consistency will go out the window.

    A mate has such a range and just couldn't group well until a yank with a similar range told him about the fans.

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    Re: Range

    Quote Originally Posted by Ballibeg
    ....with 4 metres of vertical height sloping pasture above the target before a wood with a track in it. I'm just not sure whether folk would think that's enough. Any thoughts?

    Would you be happy standing on the path in the wood while I shot at the target with any calibre?

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