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Thread: armed seige

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    armed seige

    has anyone seen the news ,armed seige in linconshire ,sutton st james. one officer has been injured .wayne

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    just seen an update ,someone has discharged a firearm at a police officer sat in his car in the village .he has minor injuries and a senior police officer couldnt give anymore details as it is still in progress and a diversion has been put in place with armed officers surrounding a house and area ,wayne

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    Sh*t that was part of my old beat as an IRV driver - could have been me - any details of officers name ?

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    no mate no details about anything ,just looking at the footage it looked like the officer was driving up to the house and then something has happened ,this is my own interpritation and wouldnt want to say anything more in case its totally wrong just thaught it needed a post due to all other goings on lately ,atb wayne

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    Thanks for reply wayne and for link david - been checking up too - details v sparse at moment

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    scrun if you go on down the page on the link david posted and go on to the lincolshire echo it has abit more detail but not much hope that helps,wayne

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    Sky news web page (on my iPhone) got more details than earlier states 60 yr old is suspect. No officer details still say facial injuries.

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    We had an armed raid today crikey it's all happening not to far away either

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