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Thread: Level2 witnessed stalks - Frustrated

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    Level2 witnessed stalks - Frustrated

    I am now well into my Level 2.

    The first year I did nothing
    The second year I tried going out with witnesses on their ground. This proved difficult and expensive.
    This year I have changed tack and have stalked my own ground with a witness.

    This has worked better and I have now done three stalks with one succesful shot and one stalk where no shot was possible due to safety, on another occasion I passed up a shot due to concerns over range and high winds. So some evidence has been collected.

    So far so good, today I was out trying for another hind or two with witness. After two hours of hard stalking I popped over a rise to see a hind not 30 yards away, ducking my head down I mounted the rifle stood up - and she had moved forward to about 50 yards and was was right-on-the-skyline looking at me!

    I could only apologise to the witess point out the deer to him after he saw her he also agreed no shot was possible.



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    hi herne thats how it goes i had a few moments when i did mine
    atb tom

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    Keep at it. I think it took me 10 stalks to get the three. Trust me, it feels more of an achievement than if you'd just gone out and nobbled all three in an afternoon!

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    Alex and you found time and energy after todays exertions to work on this site Robin

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