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    nitro car

    Hello all

    I have for sale a schumacher Havoc Nitro truck
    Type: 1/8 Scale 2WD Off-Road Truck
    Length: 17.7" (450mm)
    Width: 11.8" (300mm)
    Wheelbase: 12.1" (308mm)
    Drivetrain: Two Wheel Drive, Rear Transmission with Ball Differential
    Suspension: C-Hub
    Axles: Hardened CVD-Style Axles
    Shocks: Aluminum Bottom Fill with Plastic Preload Spacers
    Wheels: 3.4x2.2" (86x56mm) Chrome Twin-Spoke
    Tires: 5.3x3.3" (134x84mm) Losi Step Pin
    Chassis: 4.5mm Anodized Aluminum (Purple)
    Engine: Thunder Tiger .28 (4.6cc) with E-Start
    Brakes: Carbon-Fiber Disk With Stainless Steel Calipers
    Fuel Tank: 130cc with In-Tank Filter

    This truck is allmost brand new the engine has been run in and that is it the car it self comes with many extras it has

    1, extra speed cog for increased speed taking it to allmost 80mph
    2, brand new fuel filter just needs fitting
    3. cut of swicth brand new and needs fitting.

    there is much more i have unopened nitro fuel one gallon off race fuel
    it also has a pitstop car stand.

    i aso have the glow starter plus charger and much more i will chuck in 3 new glow plugs and any other stuff i can find.

    All i am asking is £200 for the lot

    thank you for looking
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    flipin L

    what a set up isik,

    used to do this a few years back and this is a steel mate


    like sh?t off a shovel
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