A man is walking down the street, when he sees a machine with two holes and with a sign overhead that reads: 'Blow Job'. The machine has two slots, one for one pound and one for a 10 p piece.

He looks in his pockets and finds a pound and a 10 pence piece. He throws the pound in the machine and sticks his penis into the first hole. And, surprisingly, it feels good . . . it feels very good . . . And just when he's about to come, the machine stops.

So he puts his dick in the other hole and puts the 10 p in in. And it hurts, it hurts. At first he is not even able to take his dick out, but when he does, it's raw and covered with blood.

He's crying because of the pain.

An old lady comes from behind the machine and stops to ask what's the matter.

He tells her about the first hole and how *wonderful* it felt. Then he describes the hell of the second hole, and shows her his red and torn penis.

And the little old biddy smiles sweetly and says, "You don't expect me to take out my false teeth for 10 pence, do you?