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Thread: Tikka T3, Schmidt & Bender 8x56 (30mm) and T8

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    Tikka T3, Schmidt & Bender 8x56 (30mm) and T8

    Errr I am slightly more than considering the above combination with synthetic stock in lite stainless flavour to fill my .243 grant.

    The combo is used, but had very little use and is the personal rifle of a gun dealer.

    I want the gun primarily as a varmint tool, but for the occasional invite north of the border.

    Now I have to point out I am very green (to centrefire), very impulsive and have already placed a holding deposit, but I was interested to hear the views of the masses about the suitability of my purchase.

    The gun appears to be stunning and remove the scope, mod, bipod, sling, 100 rounds being chucked in etc, the price I paid works back to considerably cheaper than a new Browning A bolt or similar.

    From the experienced shots here, what are your opinions of the Tikka T3 Lite stainless?

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    I had a Tikka T3 Hunter in .243 with a wooden stock, it was an excellent, accurate rifle as all my previous Tikkas were.


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    Sounds good, what price you paying?

    The only critisisim I can muster is a T8 is pretty heavy and the T3's synthetic lite stock is pretty light so the gun will be really end heavy. Maybe consider a light weight end can instead?


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    excellent set up, bar the t8. ditch that if you can and as said above go for something lighter, and that wont rust or split.....
    regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    hi i use a t3 stainless synthetic stock in .243 very good combo but t8 is a bit heavy mines very accurate. enjoy

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    I have wooden stock with Maxim 4 and the 6 x 42. I love it and when I go .308 will so the same but with a 6 X 42 in stainless hopefully. Do it - great rifle, you can always change the mod to a Maxim 4 later.

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    I was kind of hoping you were all going to say that.

    I know it hasn't the finesse of a Sako 85, but I won't a dependable tool that I can accidentally knock and not cry that will also last me for a very long time as I am not a rich man.

    What sort of price can I find a Maxim 4 for?

    Many thanks one and all.


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    Just found the Maxim 4... about 235.

    Do they come up used from time to time?

    Sorry, I really am green, so green my grant comes with a sponsor to get me started!

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    I have two T3's. One stainless lite in .243 with a T8. I love the rifle, super accurate and although the T8 is a bit heavy it does quieten the shot well. Worth considering if you are out after foxes at night. I will replace the T8 with a Predator 8 when it rusts out, just a matter of time.
    The scope you have suits a light setup too.

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    hi mate, i run a tikka 595 with synth stock. End can is a sparton third eye, very light and rifle balance is really good

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