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Thread: another bad shot

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    another bad shot

    just watched tonights fieldsports chanel and if you look at the fallow doe shot a split second later a car passes behind the beast
    i say close call what do you think

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    Hi Davy t

    At what point on the video time line do you see a car?

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    could we see the youtube link, if there is one..or the web link please?

    otherwise how can we comment.

    Hey look guys, it's they real Roy Lupton on The Stalking Directory - we're getting famous with all our superior knowledge and extraordinarily scrupulous analysing of youtube clips in search of stalking righteousness

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    8.39 in slow motion and that "car" looks suspiciously like a rabbit or hare hightailing it across the field

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wsm View Post
    8.39 in slow motion and that "car" looks suspiciously like a rabbit or hare hightailing it across the field
    It wasnt just any rabbit though. If you watch it in super slow motion you'll notice it's got Norma T shirt on and a rivers west hat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    ha ha ha,,,I guess anyone here can lay claim to that the real Roy Lupton will have to prove himself with something no one else would know
    I can vouch its him

    ATB Steve

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    Can the moderators delete this stupid post, i spent a fair bit of time watching the video and wish i hadn't listened to the first comment made because there was no car, all this is, is some moron trying to be clever / funny

    Fieldsports tv is one of very few resources that publicises our sport to the rest of the world and hopefully gives outsiders more of an understanding of what we do and why, and encourages new people to get involved.
    Lets not be so quick to criticise what is ultimately a low budget affair, trying to entertain and inform - especially when what you criticise isn't even true!!!

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    Joking aside, just watched it myself and saw absolutely nothing untoward about the shot...

    Owning a gun or knife and not using it, is akin to not sleeping with your girlfriend to keep her neat and tidy for the next bloke.

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    Agreed. It looks like a rabbit that runs from the right side of the doe to the left. Perfectly safe and perfectly placed shot. I think Davy owes Roy an apology...

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