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Thread: Sako A7

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    Sako A7

    I believe the A7 is going to be coming out soon.
    called GMK today and nobody could tell me how much it was. The 1st person i spoke to didn't know anything about it.
    Any gunsmiths on SD shed any light?

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    There was a thread about this a couple of weeks ago. Nobody had any definate news on when it will go on sale, but there are rumours. We did some speculating about price relative to the Tikka T3 and Sako 85

    I would have thought that if the A7 is to be available in the UK / Europe there would be some sort of launch, maybe at a show. I'll ask GMK at Newark.



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    its going to be priced between a tika and a sako 85 apparently!

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    I asked the staff on the GMK stand at Newark when the A7 is coming to the UK. They said they will have them on the stand at the CLA, if not sooner.

    They didn't know about price.

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    We have had the A7 for a few years down here. In blued steel, they are about the same price as the timber-stocked Tikkas. This makes them about the same price as most of the big American brands, and they are clearly a superior rifle esp: the barrels. I would consider them the best value stalking rifle on the market. They probably have a slight accuracy edge over the 85.

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    As said the A7 has been on the market for a couple of years in New Zealand. It's a nice rifle cleverly marketed to fill the price gap between the T3 and the Sako 85 using parts from the Sako/Tikka parts bin with a few new twists, e.g. metal feed lips on the plastic detatchable magazine, weaver style bases, etc. The A7 stock is definately superior to the T3's synthetic stock which is probably the main practical advantage over the T3. Currently a stainless synthetic T3 is about $NZ1300, the stainless A7 $NZ1900 and a stainless 85 $NZ2600, ($NZ1.9/). Is it more accurate than the T3 or 85? The A7's 1' MOA accuracy guarantee is not hugely different to the T3's 1" at 100 yards. The A7 is a well made rifle which is very nice to shoot at a mid price with the cachet of the Sako name.

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    i askted gmk at newark they said at the middel to end of the year and about 900 for the basic model

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