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Thread: Tow bar deer carrier

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    Tow bar deer carrier

    Anybody know where I can buy one of the above, and are they any good-my back is getting too old to keep throwing Fallow in the back of the truck !
    Thanks for any help.

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    Isn't a 'Tow Bar Deer Carrier' called a trailor
    Apart from that weak joke I have no idea.

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    You used to be able to buy rear bullbars that folded down, I have seem similar carrying things on the Cabellas website, but any good welder could knock one up in a few hours?

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    I fancy that some form of waterproof base is needed.

    Claret dripping on the floor behind your parked 4wd could well attract attention!

    Rgds Ian

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    What about some of the strange Cycle Carriers that fit on the back of cars that may be something to look at.
    Actually I have seen a carrier of sorts that fitted a tow bar, it may have been at a country show. It was like a small platform and was demonstrated carrying a bale of straw - before anybody goes there, I mean one of the 'old type' bales, not one of these bl***y great big round ones!!!

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    A guy I used to stalk with and myself made a couple of these...The Mk1 version used a plaster mixing bath as the carrier which in turn sat on a steel box section frame.

    They work ok and avoid some of the draw backs ofa trailer, but they seriously limit the vehicle off road ability...

    If I had a pick-up of some sort, I'd look at fitting a cheap electric ATV winch behind the cab and use some sort of ramp to drag the carcass up..Total cost would probably be cheaper than the carrier and a much better solution...

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    Here you so, I have seen this in use, all you need to attach it to your everyday towball is a spanner, the basis unit is rated to 275lbs but it has been tested to 675lbs, obviously your towbar/ball will dictate the down weight limit, but at 275lbs thats nearly a 17 stone stag.

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    I have a rack like this for my quad got it from Cabelas but I think targetsports of Bolton sell it. I think its called hitch haul Cabelas do them for all sorts of cars, trucks
    I think it could be easily converted to fit a tow bracket.
    thouth I'm looking to make mine fold for when empty.


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    I don't know for sure ?? But , If these are undeclared modifications to the vehicle.The insurance company might not hold up on the deal if you have an accident . Worth checking out If you have to go on the main road ?????

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    Suffolk Stalker

    Cabela's is your best bet


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