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Thread: Decent Mincer

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    Decent Mincer

    Hi all,Anyone know about or have a decent size mincer for sale , cash here waiting .
    Thanks Brian

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    Russell grant is a decent mincer........

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    I was waiting for something like that!
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    Hello Cumbrian. Depending upon the amount of use the mincer gets, you may find this helpful. As I butcher only enough venison for ourselves ( eg two young Fallow per year), I bought a mincer that fits onto the Kenwood Chef (belonging to Mrs U Norm). You can obtain the mincer attachment from Amazon at a very reasonable price. We find it entirely satisfactory for domestic use. Clearly if Mrs Cumbrian has a Kenwood Chef, you would need to enter negotiations with herself, prior to making a purchase.
    This option is suitable for occasional domestic use only but works very well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by biffo View Post
    Russell grant is a decent mincer........
    There's always one!

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    We had one for the kenwood chef, just packed up mincing one day (can I say that) got a Braun now, had three Sika and a red through it so far, not missed a beat.

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    Northern tools have excellent mincers. I've had one for about 5 years. Weighs a ton and still going strong.

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    Don't know if its what your looking for but Lidl are doing one this week for 40. My mate who is a budding chef says he got one the last time they were doing them and he says they are good value and ideal for the home.


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    dont buy a cheap one, you will just kill it.
    how big do you want.
    I bought a Beem Panther after killing a smaller version.
    much better

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