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Thread: Fixed s&b

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    Fixed s&b

    Hi guys,

    looking for a new scope.

    I have a S&B 8x56 Hungarian 30mm a7 ret bought in April 2011. It's mint condition except for one tiny scuff under the front mount.

    I am looking for a zeiss duralyt, meopta, swaro. Something along those line. Preferably 3-12 or 4-12 with atleast a 50 obj lens. Can put money to it if needed.

    Pm me with what u have got.

    Cheers rob

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    Ive a cracking wee pecar 4-14x45 sitting doing nothing mate.Just serviced last year.

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    Hahaha that's out of my league!!! Worth way to much!!lol I'll do a deal for your conquest rite enuf!!lol:p

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    Your loss .................................Take it your working hard today again.

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    As always mate

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    Scope now sold, thanks for looking

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