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    Lease template

    I am on the verge of securing a lease that I have been trying to get for some time. This is a new venture for the land owner. Previously, he just allowed a couple of guys to do as they please free of charge.

    I have known him for many years and by coincidence bumped into him not long after he had been advised to lease the sporting rights.

    After that long winded introduction and getting to the crux of the matter, it has now fallen upon me to prepare a lease document and form a syndicate and I wondered if anyone could email or point me in the right direction for a template a sporting lease & syndicate agreement.

    Many thanks


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    There is a specimen 'Heads of Agreement' template in 'Deer Management in Small Woodlands' written by Richard Prior and published by The Game Conservancy (now the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust) in 1987 - my copy doesn't have an ISBN number, it is that old!

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    Think BASC have them if your a member.

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    They have them on the Deer Initiative website as well, see:



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    Thanks for the replies folks, should have enough to work with now.



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