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Thread: Lamp for my .22LR.

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    Lamp for my .22LR.

    Hi guys. Any info on a cheap but reliable lamp setup for my .22? All info appreciated, Tim.

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    have a look at clulite lamps (cluson engineering ltd) good allround lamps ive used then for 4years now not one blown fuse or any overheating.
    unlike lightforce !!

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    I have a little Deben Tracer Stinger which is more than enough light for a .22 range at night.
    very small torch size, easily gets out to 75-100yds. Internal battery so now cables connecting you to rifle

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    +1 for the clulite ideal for rabbiting and if you buy the scope mount as well you can swap between the haandle and scope mount (before you leave the house)depending wheher your solo or duet lamping.

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    I have the Clulite SL1 - excellent lamp kit, highly recommended
    Virtutis Gloria Merces

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaun22/250 View Post
    i use lightforce 140 on my rimmys
    do you have shares in a fuse production company there she blows again

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    i run 2 lf 170s on my truck, and i have no issues with them,


    +1 on speaking to Eric the red,

    cracking bloke with more kit and knowledge on lamps and lamping systems than most,

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