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Thread: What 4x4

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    What 4x4

    Hi Gents,
    looking to get 4x4, this will be multipurpose will be used as family vehichle as well as a shooting bus so realy need a five door, also looking at diesel. As I do quite a few miles I am after something that isn't going to need to stop at every petrol station you pass.
    Budget is up to four grand. Options I have been looking at are Vitara, X-trail diesel and the freelander td4. Any recomendations would be greatly recieved. Also as I am no mechanic something reliable is also important. Have looked at sportage and Santa fe but as I don't know anything about these have put on the back burner.

    Cheers in advance

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    I have only had Jimnys, but from having had two over 12 years I can honestly tell you that in my experience Suzuki's are very reliable indeed. I don't believe they are the most frugal deisels though.


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    May I suggest you go and physically look at various different models as some of them although having five doors are a bit lacking in load space. Of course it will depend on what you normally carry about. I was quite shocked at the lack of load space of some of them. In the Vitara it would have been cramped once the wheel chair was in might have got one dog in as well but not more than that. OK if you have a terrier or spaniel but a big lab or other breed would be a bit cramped. Just something to bear in mind.

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    well may just add my thoughts.

    9 years ago i started hunting with my first privately owned vehicle, and it was a 1.3 suzuki sj 413, it was fantastic,went just about anywhere i needed too, a little bumpy as it was leaf spring suspension and to top end was as fast as a brick sliding down a plank of wood wrapped in sand paper,

    i then moved on to the 1.6 petrol vitara soft top, again fantastic and the buyer still uses it today ( but hes on one of the forums im banned from) so he can't comment.

    i then moved the a newer one this time a hard top. same again cracking wee truck.

    i now have the lwb 20l td and its the same cracking truck more space (but not loads) carries all i need for lamping/stalking and other things like geocaching and offroading when im better.

    so i do enjoy the vitara, and it gets me where i need to go, but they all had one thing in common. easy to find parts for but can be a bit pricy, plenty of leg/arm room unlike a landy,


    for what they are,they are a bit heavy on the old motion lotion, be that petrol or diesel.


    i can't see me getting shot of it, but if i did i would just get a newer one.

    so you will have to see what fits you, i can only speak about my findings on my trucks

    good luck.

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    If you can find a good Suzuki Grandvitara XL7 2.0TD , mine has now done 140,000 still going and looking great , 7 seats should you need them and descent mpg........i would buy another in a heartbeat great jeeps, also fitted with general grabber A/T tyres and i never got stuck once during all that heavy snow last fact i think i pulled every car and a couple of transit vans out of trouble

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    I have an X-Trail and have been very pleased with it. The only catch with them is that if they have 17 inch alloys then getting AT tyres is a challenge, though I have managed to source some. However mine copes with all of the off road type stuff I throw at it and my mpg averages somewhere between 40 and 45 just depending on what I'm doing, and I've seen averages over 50mpg on long runs. It is comfortable, has all the gadgets and the last service at a main dealer was less than 200.

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    Vitara great trucks all round and all I'll do is get a newer one when this one goes.

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    Monty, sorry I'm hijackng your thread.

    I'm debating whether to buy a 4 x 4.

    What about the Mitsubishi L200? I've heard good things about them.......

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    I've moved from a 4x4 car to an Izusu Rodeo Denver, good 5 seater and plenty of space for all the tackle you will ever need in the back cabin. Excellent off road. I have done 26000 in it and the computer says the overall fuel consumption is 29. I get 38 on a longer run. Good comfortable ride. If you are self employed you get the VAT back on your fuel. Getting 20% off your fuel beats chasing around from garage to garage to save a few pence.
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    Thanks gent's for taking the time. Vitara seems to be the way I'm leaning towards, just trying to find one reasonably local that's not asking silly money. I guess that's the problem with buying in the winter.

    Cheers again

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