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Thread: My First Rifle

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    My First Rifle

    No sooner had my ticket hit the door mat ,I was hot footing it up the road to the gunshop.
    I am now the proud owner of a Sako 85 in .243 synthetic/stainless, and on top a S&B 8X56 with stainless optilocks ,a selection of ammo to see what suits best and some other goodies slip ,sling etc .
    I have now got to wait until the end of the week before I can try it out .
    Big up to sussex police 4 weeks from start to finish, and to my mentor for putting up with me . Cheers every one Brough.

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    Just had my new Sako 85 out today....bore sighted it last night using a shootalite lamp, a bike maintenance stand and the neighbours tree! First group was 4inch low at 100yards so next three rounds were bang on (15clicks up) at 200yards....tried a few weights and ended up shooting 33mm and 22mm groups @200 using 140g Sierra Gamekings!
    S&B scope won't let you down plus you will appreciate the SS action and barrel.You going to fit a moderator?

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    Hi Scotspine The Sako came screwcut and although I have a mod on my ticket I,m not in a hurry to get one yet .
    Really looking forward to getting out ,what calibre is yours?

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    Calibre? The much maligned 6.5x55SE.....I'm also a Newcaste fan! Can it get any worse......

    Get yourself an Ase Utra Compact moderator by the way and save your lugs a bit of grief

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    I meant Ase Utra Jet-Z Compact.........

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    Scotspine I'd chose the 6.5 any day of the week ! Sorry about the team though still ying and yang.

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    Hi Fella's
    I went for the 75 syn stainless just because I liked the stock better and palm swell. I opted for a jet Z but I found it made the gun 'front heavy' and changed it for an over barrel T4, the balance is much better. The jet Z is a good mod and got a great review in the sporting rifle mag. Enjoy your 85's, my mate has a finnlight and he loves it.

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    If you want a light moddy that is real quiet look at a A-Tec, it sleeves back over the barrel so it upsets the balance less than a front mounted moddy of the same weight.

    Best rgds


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    I must say that the 75 stock does have the edge on looks but the 85 is still a bonnie gun. I was pleasantly surprised with the Ase Jet-Z; better suppression than my old T8 (that's why I got it) and the balance of the gun is fine. I had to wedge nearly half a pound of lead in the butt on the Tikka T3 to counter the T8...and that was on a 20inch barrel.
    The 85's recoil is really soft plus muzzle flip virtually eliminated. Accuracy is excellent and the ability to open the bolt with the safety engaged is a nice touch. All the criticism re the magazine clip is a bit harsh as I find it straight forward in use. Just wish spare mags weren’t 90quid a pop! I fitted an 8x56scope with optilock gear so I reckon I should have trouble free shooting for years to come.
    Hope you get out with yours soon and bag your first beast with it


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    Scotspine posted-:

    Calibre? The much maligned 6.5x55SE.....I'm also a Newcaste fan! Can it get any worse......

    Fnar fnar

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