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Thread: Deer Bullets for a .222

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    Deer Bullets for a .222

    What bullets will kill roe and muntjac sized deer humanely without excessive carcass damage when body shot? I'm assuming that bullets like 60gr Partitions and the Barnes TSX will not stabilise at .222 velocities in a 1:14 twist barrel so what are the alternative 'deer' bullets that are being used?

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    You will not go wrong with 55grn Sierra SP Gamekings for deer, especially at 222 velocity I would imagine.

    Both my mate and I have used them in 22-250's at Roe going a fair bit quicker and any damage was acceptable.

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    I would also look at the 50 & 55 grain Hornady SP's for hand loading in factory the Sako 55 grain Game head shot well in mine and is designed for Roe Buck.

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    55 Sierra GameKings seem to do the job.Well really most 55grain soft point do a good job. I wouldnt recommend VMax,too explosive.Keep them for the foxes.

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    I have some Nosler partitions. I am thinking of parting company with my 270 and just keeping a 222 for CWD, munty, fox and other vermin. Not tried them yet but got them from America.


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    I use fedral power-shok its a great little bullet for the roe.

    Federal Premium - Rifle Details


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    Hi Brian,I use sako 55gr gamehead .222 for roe sometimes when im north of the border,I"ve never had any problems with them,just know its limitations though.
    Atb john.

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    Used PPU Privi Partisan in 50g soft point on muntjac in .222 and they are pretty good, provided your rifle likes them.

    Tried 55g and 60g but my CZ527 would'nt shoot them as well as 50g,and thats a 19" barrel 1 in 14.

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    Many Thanks for the helpfull replies everone. These give me a good pointer on the way to go.


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    sako 55gr are available from Reloading Solutions in Oxfordshire
    Sierra produce a 55gr and 63gr semi-pointed varminter bullet. these have a ticker jacket than some of the 'blitzkings' and other varmint bullets. Tese are available from Norman Clark in Rugby

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