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Thread: Divide and Conquer

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    Divide and Conquer

    Who is the 8th largest landowner in Scotland?????

    Here is a clue

    They own 124,000 acres and hate deer stalkers.

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    well i know its definatly not me,ive only got 123,000 acres lol andy

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    And the country is a poorer place because of it.
    The basic principle of the RSPB is a good one but they have completely lost sight of that now.

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    RSPB is off course the correct answer.

    Wouldn't it be nice to have single organisation the put our views forward and made punched above its weight politically instead of the self serving ***** we have at the moment??

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    It certainly would, the countrysports person as it is just now, is living in fear of the conservationists and antis mainly because we dont have a strong enough lobby in the political system. The countryside has been looked after in the main very well before the emergence of these bodies. Now in many places its struggling if not dying.

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    I am in no way a fan of the rspb, but where is the evidence of hatred for stalkers?

    They do employ stalkers as well as contracters and many of their wardens and rangers take part in deer management .

    All their reserves that have deer present have management plans in place, some of the frst in the country. They also control feral goats, something that they have had a fair amount of flack for.

    While RSPB do nothing for the wider shooting community , I do not think that stalkers have anything to worry about.

    If we are going to attack them , then lets get our facts right first.

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    Bambislayer, if you knew their Abernethy reserve before they took it over you may change your opinion. There management plan there has been to eradicate the deer - not so much of a management plan an extermination plan and if you were a stalker on the neighbouring estate this year you would have been more than worried at the lack of deer. That is a fact - but only of there reserve at Nethy Bridge as for there other reserves I cannot comment.

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    I new the Estate and the old stalker Charlie very well.

    Their are many things about RSPB that I despise , but it was not only RSPB who were shooting large amounts of deer in the area, FC, HIE[reindeer farmers] Rothiemurchus all were involved.

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    I don not despise the RSPB in either.

    i think they are very clever as I have outlined that in my post. They represent the twitchers and and the animals they care about very very well.

    I will amend my post to say they hate gamekeepers instead of stalkers and it might be a better statement for the pedantic amoung us.

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