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Thread: Hello Stalking Directory members

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    Hello Stalking Directory members

    Although I have been a member of The Stalking Directory since may 2010 I can't remember having introduced myself (my apologies to the moderators). I am an avid stalker and have about 1000 acres of farmland, moor and pasture over which I shoot mainly red deer. I shoot the odd fox and an ocassional roe deer. I had my first shotgun licence 40 years ago and I took up stalking 14 years ago. My favourite time is during the rut and calling stags in is the best and most exciting part. I shoot about twenty reds a year and everything I shoot is eaten by me and shared amongst friends.

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    Welcome, sounds like you have a good life!

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    Thanks DeerMan. I am lucky and don't take my luck for granted.

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    Welcome, and than you.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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