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Thread: bullet suggestions?

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    bullet suggestions?

    i have been using speer 100g spbt through my 243 with good results from fox and munties to reds. I have recently loaded some rounds with nosler 70g ballistic tips (purple tips).
    i shot a muntie yesterday with the ballistic tips, a broad side heart shot at 100yds. The bullet entered where i aimed, it smashed 3 ribs on the way in and the same on the way out. It also caused the gralloch to be green. This would not have happened with the speer 100g.
    What are other people using through their 243 for muntie and roe? is this a typical terminal effect for the nosler? If so i will reserve it for the foxes only


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    It is your experience that caused me to question the Nosler BTs in the ballistics section. I've heard some stories similar to yours which caused me to question BTs. Also with them, you can get lighter rapid expansion heads and also game heads in the same calibre. And I do believe 243 is one of them. I'm sure someone else will be along soon to add to this. I'm sticking to soft points for deer, just my opinion and my decision.

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    i have use the federal 70 gr B tips for sika hinds and calf i would not recommend them for chesting, on necks you will not get better to put a animal of this size down . i would only use them on hibred or reds but they would have to be close and neck s only .

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    bullet suggestion

    I've had same effect even with 100gn BT, especialy at ranges less than 100 yds. One bullet hit a rib and deflected ou thro the spine at 90 degrees to the entry ,BT are quite explosive at shorter ranges, try partitions, I changed to Speer 105 round nose 10 yeares ago. Unfortunately they disscontinued them, luckily I still have abox left. I believe they do 107 gn plastic tips. Its a resonably fast load hense carcus damage. The Yanks reccomend Partions for what they term brush shooting and BT for longer range shots. deerwarden

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    Keep the BT for vermin and down the range. Too much lead and copper scattered through the meat for me.


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    i only allow my clients to use any plastic points if they agree to take all carcass s with them as damage is un acceptable on roe with any calibre.
    my own choice would go to partitions followed closely by grand slams

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    was in reloading solutions to get a less expansive round.
    speer 100grain spbt 20 per 100
    Nosler partition 100 grain 30 per 50

    now im going to get the speer as my own personal expieriance mainly muntie roe and red tells me that this is a good bullet and its 1/3 of the price.

    just wondering what the nosler partition will bring to the table that the speer wont.


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    Many years ago i loaded the 105grn round nose speer for my .243 i thought it a very good bullet. Although i don't have a .243 any more i still have 300, 100grn winchester silver tip i bought cheap to load . I shot several fallow with these. They kill the deer Ok but the meat damage even on big fallow bucks was quite amazing.

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    I have used 95 grain noslers quite a bit on roe and had a muntie with them as well with no real probs. I am loading with 42 grains of Vit 160 with federal primers. They shoot sub inch no problem. I recently tried 95 grain SSTs shot 8-10 animals with them but they do a lot more damage than the NBTs. I beleive all Nosler Balistic tips are for vermin and are quite explosive on impact. The 95 grain is designed to shoot deer with and doesn't expand quite so rapidly.


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    I have used 100 grain hornady interlocks for more years than i care to remember boat tail spire points in 243 270 308 and would not swap for the world . You will occasionally get the guts sucked through but this seems to happen with the 308 more than the other two . I purchased 200 last week 26 the lot they are one of the cheapest heads on the market and do a very good job from rats to reds no problem with stags as of yet . give them a try if they group alright you should have no problems with the results on the carcass meat damage not to bad either . MUDDY

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