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Thread: Brock and Norris

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    Brock and Norris

    Just a few words about the superb service i had this afternoon off Mike Norris, rang him this morning and asked him when he could thread my latest purchase and i was told bring it over today. Got over to his place and he was straight onto my rifle, In bits in 2 mins and started work on the barrel. Mike had soon threaded the barrel and re crowned it.
    Next he had the bolt apart which he then polished a couple of bits cleaned it then lubricated and back together, cleaned the trigger mech, it was all done and is now back home with me. I have no connections with Brock and Norris i just wanted to say thank you again Mike and to let the members on here of how happy iam with the work he does for me.

    I also met another site member off here whilst i was there, good to meet you jon2.

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    Based near newport shropshire.

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    If you google Hoo Farm, Mikes place is just down the road.
    Top bloke Mike and actually has stuff in stock. if you ring him and he says he's got it then he has.


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    Mike is great, does all my work. A bit more expensive but worth it for the quality. Last time I saw him a couple of months back he was possibly moving, has he moved from the Buttery? Or any news as to whether he is likely to in the foreseeable future?!?

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    Still at the Buttery in his steel box!

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    As above, but yes hes on about moving.

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    never think you can just 'pop in' to see Mike either. I guarantee he will talk at you for hours!!Good bloke and does some nice work.

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    Top man, and top quality work.
    Even if I do have a near 400 mile round trip to get to him.


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