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Thread: Cold and crispy but productive

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    Cold and crispy but productive

    The night didn't look too promising on Tuesday being bright, cold and clear... and cold... by southern standards anyway There was a bit of a breeze that added to or more deducted from the temperature and the ground was crispy underfoot with the light surface water amongst the pasture in some areas shattering loudly when you trod on it. FD had left the rimfire behind so I was lugging the iron in the form of my heavy .223 in search of troublesome fox's. Suprisingly there was no shortage of candidates with us seeing four at the first farm. Sadly the breeze was never quite on our side despite FD plotting a course deliberatly to give us the weather vane over the majority of the ground and several were where they shoudn't be, veering off into cover after initial interest.

    Retracing our steps back to the truck we got to a gateway and saw a fox sat 100 yards out in the field having obviously come to the call but at his own leisure. There was no point trying to get him closer so I steadied on the sticks, popped my trigger finger from the gloves and whacked him in the boiler room, the connection sounting like hitting a football with a cricket bat. Thats gonna hurt a big, bushy dog fox.

    Onto another spot and we were walking along a tractor track that was properly churned up and rutted when we spotted some eyes in the blue filter. Although it was a way off you could tell that a) it was a biggun and he was having none of it as he started for the hedge. He paused briefly when FD barked and that was enough and down he went. He was the biggest i've shot and as long as my rifle when alongside it- FD weighed him later at 28 lb

    He's better out the food chain thats for sure and that was Tuesday night.

    After sweet talking the Mrs (mine.. not FD's) I was out again with FD the following night to visit a different farm where the farmer is fed up seeing his chooks getting murdered. It would probably help if he made it harder for them to get in but there you go. This was one of the few times we've lamped from a truck as the farmer is fed up with well wishing locals reporting vehicles in the farmyard as he's had trouble with theiving. After a couple of fields the amber filter caught charlie crusing along and FD swung to an angle and turned the engine off to steady things. I opened the door and, using the sill as a rest plugged him in the shoulder. He was a biggun as well.

    Onto another place and no more than 5 minutes the light was flicked on and there was a bull jawed fox squatting by a post no more that 40 yards away. Unslinging the rifle like something out a wild west movie I was on the sticks and on him in slotting the 40 grainer between the eyes and that was another big dog fox down

    Thanks again FD mate

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    Your on fire just now YM ,keep it up mate

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    Looking forward to some snow this weekend
    It's accuracy that kills.

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