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Thread: Stalking trip incl. DSC 1

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    Stalking trip incl. DSC 1


    Does anyone know/can recommend somewhere in the UK that I can combine a stalking trip with a DSC level 1 course/assessment?

    Basically the aim is to have a stalking trip with my friend, hopefully get a deer each, and at the same time complete our DSC 1 qualification... an educational stalking holiday.


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    Try Chris Dalton,

    He's in Ayrshire. I'm booked in with him in March for what you have described. Website down just now but we have all had a severe battering from a storm last night up here in the west.


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    I recently took my DSC1 with these guys. All in all, excellent.

    Well organised, fun, knowledgeable - well worth the trek north. I fitted a stalk in at the end of the course and got my first Roe - quite an experience!!


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