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Thread: Sako Quad .17hmr or .22lr but prefferably .17hmr possibly both barrels if available!

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    Sako Quad .17hmr or .22lr but prefferably .17hmr possibly both barrels if available!

    Hi, I am after a Sako Quad .17hmr or .22lr but prefferably .17hmr possibly both barrels if available!

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    Be very careful, as I have posted on here before my friend had one from new and it was nothing but trouble. Bad feed and not as accurate as CZ lots of stuck cases etc.

    P.S. His is now second hand and some poor sod will end up with it.

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    Well I have had one for nearly five years and cannot fault it, what did suprise me was the amount of adjustment on the scope required when changing barrels. I did not buy the Burris scope though and have a wee sticker on the scope for the number of clicks required.
    Tusker sounds like your friend had a duff one and should have got it sorted, still I suppose it's easier to offload it to some other poor sod.

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    I have one with both of those barrels. I am not selling as unlike Tuskers friend I think it is awesome.
    dont get the burris scope designed with the ballistic turrets. it is made of chocolate, get a decent set of QR mounts and have a scope for each barrel.
    no adjustment required.

    if just taking a barrel off and putting it back on then I find the zero does not change.

    keep your .22 chamber clean. the throat on the .22lr barrel is short and on some rounds the bullet is in the lands on chambering. if sticky it can make removal of a live round in a cold dirty barrel a bit of a pain.
    it is comically accurate in .22
    we were messing around on a 50m range drawing clown faces with the holes on the target.

    they come up regularly in the classifieds

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    I'd be interested in a Sako Quad too - is it possible to interchange between .17 and .22LR and how long does it take?

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    Less than 2 minutes to change barrels Sako supply a dedicated allen key and then reset the scope which you would have previously set up with each barrel

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    I have four barrels and four scopes on Leupold QR mounts
    In less than a minute I can go from .22lr to .17 with a zeroed and ready to go scope.

    barrel comes off very quickly
    open bolt.
    3-4 turns of allen key
    left and slide barrel

    refit is reverse of removal

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    Alrite bud, i have a sako quad synthetic stock in .17hmr with ags scope and harris bi-pod for sale

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    I have one in .17hmr and .22 barrel.
    Simply awesome accuracy and faultless cycling.

    Change barrel in less than 2 mins, 51clicks up, 8 clicks right (well it is with my scope set up) and bobs your aunties husband.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    I have a varmint with both barrels it is super accurate .17hmr 20grain hornaby through same hole
    only had two unfired rounds stick

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