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    Newby Intro

    Hi there fellow stalkers and small game hunters, after watching and reading some of the threads here I have decided to sign up and participate. My hunting and outdoors experience has been gained in different environments but hopefully will add to forum. I live in Sydney, Australia now, and work in agriculture. This has helped me to hunt and fish my way up and down the east coast of this country, both islands of NZ and also had a stint in the US with excursions to Canada. These days deer are my primary target, with sambar, red and fallow the main species. I like to hunt from both base camp and out of a pack in "big" country. With the favourable licensing laws here I have a good selection centerfires for everything from small game to bovines but for stalking tend to utilise the .270W, .308W, .35 whelen and the 7 mm Rem mag. My preference in rifles tends to be sako, remington and mauser 98 and winchester mod 70 controlled feed rifles with leupold, swarovski, kahles, and Zeiss glass. Reloading is now mandatory with the price of ammunition and a great hobby in its own right.

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    Welcome to the site, we shall have to start an Antipodean section soon

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    Welcome to the site..Look forward to reading about your outings down under. Cheers STEVE

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    Yes there seem to be a few here from the south. The differences in hunting and firearms scene between our countries creates some interesting reads. It's a good forum.

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    Hi, good to see you on the site. What is the price of factory ammo down under now? David
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    just out of might be a stupid question but do you have the same rutting season (october-november) down there? or will it be sometimes around (june-july)?

    i would love to visit or maybe live in sydney for a while.

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    G'day cobber & welcome to the forum.

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    Here's a few replies to the questions above. The rut starts in autumn (our timing) as it does in the northern hemisphere, for fallow and red. Fallow go first in early April an then red follow mid April. In NZ sika also start mid April. Timings will vary a little depending on the weather, a good cold snap will get things going as per the schedule above. continued warm weather tends to dilute and spread the roar. Sambar do not roar or have a single defined rutting period but a couple of periods that are less well defined and two stags can be in hard antler or cast phases simultaneously.Rusa are similiar to sambar as are Chital in not having a defined single rutting period but have no experience with either so could be out a bit.

    Price of a box of ammo? i reload all my rifles but the prices will start at around $100 for a 100 (5 boxes of .223/.222) in a main brand regular loading i.e. whinchester or Federal and run to a top of a bout $50 per box for a pack (20) of WSM or similiar Cf with a premium projectile (barnes, Partition, Norma premium loading).

    If you load powder is about $45 for 500grams and hornady, speer, Sierra (cup and core) etc projectiles are about $40 - 50 per 100 box for 6.5, .270, 7 mm, .308 etc. I just paid $47 for a box of 180 gn partitions in .308 cal. I think were running at ~$A150 to your pound.

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    cool....i would love to do a trip there. i am originally from indonesia.

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    Thumbs up

    welcome to the site
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