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Thread: Leica LRF 900

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    Leica LRF 900

    It's small, green and tells you how far things are away.

    Need more info?

    7X magnification
    Eye piece focussing.
    Range: 10-900 yards
    Range in yards or metres.
    red LED display, you can use it when lamping
    great Leica quality optics.
    Carry case that goes on your belt

    Had it a couple of years and only just changed the battery, great in a high seat for checking distances and having a quick scan whilst waiting for the other half of the party to turn up.

    Sent out RMSD (inc in price) 200 ovno.
    Only letting them go due to new binos having LRF built in (and having to cover the card bill when it arrives!).
    Contact Via email please, can be a while between visits due to work getting in the way.

    Sold to Si-snipe pending the usual
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