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Thread: Anybody interested in a Level 1 at cost?

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    Anybody interested in a Level 1 at cost?

    I have been approached ny a very kind member who has taken it upon himself to facilitate a discussion between SD and an assessor for DMQ. Basically it has been established that this assessor is willing to run a course, or maybe more for site members at cost.

    I am to speak to this gentleman in a couple of weekís time, and it would be helpful if I had a rough idea of numbers of members that would be interested.

    Also a thought to bear in mind would be that there is always the SD forestry lease available for stalking at £50 per day for newly qualified level1 holders to practice their new found skills.

    Anyone interested should in the first instance pm me, this would be just to give me an idea of numbers etc for when I speak to the assessor. At this moment I have no idea of costís etc so please do not ask as I canít answer.

    Although I have it here in General discussion at the moment if it takes off I shall move it to itís own section.


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    John : Bring us into the twentieth century what is cost ????? break down please .

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    Well as far as I can ascertain at the moment it would be the cost of the mans travelling and accommodation expenses divided by however many are on the course. Which has got to be cheap, but I would like to think that the students would express their thanks by way of a bottle or two of the good stuff or whatever is appropriate.

    I did see a two level 1 course advertised today and I think it was £274 or something like that. So it can't be bad, but until I speak to the chap nothing is set in concrete.


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    Very interested as I think it is about time that I got mine. Are we talking north of the border?

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    Likewise, I am interested, depending on location really

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    i also think i should sell my soul and get one! interested depending on location.

    good work

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    me to , my nscc is worthless now

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    Think it's time I thought about taking the plunge.
    Depending on cost and location

    many thanks

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    I was planning on taking mine in March anyway, but haven't actually booked it yet (waiting for the bank balance to recover after christmas).

    For me, its less of an issue of cost, I'm sure that it will be more than reasonable, but more a question of timing. Are there any indications yet as to when this might take place... the sooner the better in my book!

    One of my mates is meant to be taking it too, I'm sure he'd also be interested if that is permissable (I can probably get him to sign up and contribute a bit to the site, but he's not the sort of person who spends any time on forums to be honest).


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