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Thread: 12 bore rifled slug (Sellier & Bellot and Magtech)

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    12 bore rifled slug (Sellier & Bellot and Magtech)

    Dear all

    Getting through clearing out still.

    Ive got approx 90 rounds of S&B rifled slug (Brenneke design), 32g and about 48 Magtech not sure what weight but they are more designed for target although I'm sure they would still knock anything over you chose to shoot them at.

    I'm after 70 for the lot.

    I'm in Cheshire but could possibly do RFD transfer.

    Many thanks

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    Hi jon2 you have a pm

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    Thanks Ytene

    You have a PM back.

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    Ytene, if you wind up getting them to hants. And want to split, I might be interested in the magtechs.

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    Jon 2 can you pm your mobile noCheers,Tony

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    Hi rarms will contact jon2 to sort it out,Cheers,Tony

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