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    1 - 0 to my nv

    Well picked up a nice NV unit this week so Magnum and I went out to see if we could drop one of our lamp shy foxes. Got to first permission and set up in a spot that we always see one but too shy to come anywhere near. Put the Foxpro on young rabbit distress call and within 5 mins I picked up a fox running very quick right to left in a full ark. It ran through eh sheep and around past 200 yards and then disappeared...Called for a further 5 mins then knocked it off. I then picked it up coming slowly one foot in front of the other over to the left. Passed the NV to Ian who waited until, it was within 100 yards and put the lamp on low. Bang, dropped it at apx 70 yards off shooting off my knee. Not a bad start. We then moved to the next field and put the caller back on. Picked up a set of eyes at the far fence line apx 400 yards away....and then another...they moved abck and forth trying to find a way through the very tight fencing but could find a gap..We waited for 10 mins but they moved away. Tried to get to the field they were in but the grass was so crispy with frost they must ahev heard us coming. They will keep. Well impressed with the NV so far.

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    Better luck than I had mate, nice one

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    Good to hear your happy with it mate..did you tell the mrs how much it

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    yes it did go very cold last nite they cound hear us a longway off and Micky he didn,t tell her !! it a very good bit of kite that fox steve shoot has been giving us the run around for a few weeks it took around 10/15 mins to get in to spot to shoot him very very very impressed how good this nv uint is

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickyfinn View Post
    Good to hear your happy with it mate..did you tell the mrs how much it
    Told her you gave it to me for free

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