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Thread: Hello from London

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    Hello from London

    My second post! Just recommended the following on another thread.

    I took my DSC1 last year with these guys and was very impressed. I also rounded it off with my first Roe doe. Am now in the process of securing FAC and have more stalkling planned very soon!

    I have been dipping in and out of this site for some months. All interesting stuff and I am sure I will continue to follow the numerous threads in an attempt to increase my knowledge! Now I have registered I will also be able to contribute.


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    Good man Charles, welcome to the site.

    Plenty of experience on here and one or two of them even know about deerstalking


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    welcome from london

    Ditto that, look forward to your posts, don't be afraid to ask questions, thats how we all learn, again welcome.

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