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Thread: What a knob, I won't do that again.

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    What a knob, I won't do that again.

    Although it was cold, clear with a half moon I decided to have a look out on the moor. Left the NV at home and just took the scoped rifle and lamp. 5 mins in the van and I was there, got geared up and walked quietly up to the gate leading onto the moor flicked the lamp on and there was charlie about 150 yrds away in the hunting among the rushes he took one look at the lamp and was away over the wall into the next field, kept the lamp on him hoping he would stop and have a look back but he just kept going. Hmm, thought to myself wish i'd brought the NV now.

    Walked up the track for 10 mins and set the caller up, had a clear view for about 1/4 of a mile in all direction. tried several calls for about half an hour and nothing showed. I was getting a bit cold by this time so deciced to go for a walk round. i carried on up the track for about half a mile and picked up a set of eyes on the old quarry bankings around 700 yrds infront of me, flicked off the lamp and tried to creep up the track, not easy when everything is frozen solid. Put the lamp back on just in time to see it disappear over the top of the banking. I reached the top of the banking flicked the lamp on and it was sat on top of a mound around 200yrds away but there was no safe shot.

    After 10 mins of trying to get to a position where I could take a safe shot I eventually had him in my sights, nice banking behind he was sat faceing me around 150 yrds away. I could only see his head and neck, fliced on the illuminated dot of my zeiss 6-24 x 56 and placed it right between his eyes flicked off the safety of my .204 T3 super varmit, gently squeezed the trigger and sent a 40gr V Max his way.

    He leapt up in the air and back came the crack of bullet hitting bone. Off went the lamp and over the quarry spoil heaps I go to find him. gets to the spot where he was sat no sign of charlie. I spent the next 10 mins looking for him, no signs of blood in the snow. Now this gun will put bullet on bullet at 100 yrds, how could I have missed? Had i pulled the shot had he moved just as i was squeezing the trigger? a mystery. Then it suddenly dawned on me, no I can't have, took the gun off my shoulder you have you dopy get I said to myself out loud. Earlier in the day I had been out shooting crows and had a pop at one at 500yrds dialed in the range and put 17 clicks of elevation on the scope and not took it off, must have shot 8 inch over it's head lucky sod.

    School boy error, Won't do that again ( well I hope not)

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    Oh No! Nightmare - got to love that scope mate. I've got ont on the .223 and its top class.

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    that's the danger of expensive toys,,,if that had been your only chance at a lifetime gold medal buck! to think a crow could have cost you that - LOL!

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    At least the shot went over it and I didn't wound it. Hate the thought of it running off hit. He will be a bit wiser for it though, NV next trip.


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    but did you get the crow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    but did you get the crow?
    You would have to ask that. No I didn't the elevation was spot on, missed it by a couple of inches, didn't get the windage quite right. I was nearer to the crow at 500yrds than I to the fox at 150


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    that cheered me up glad to know other people make the ' school boy errors' lol

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    Unlucky that mate, easily done. Hope the caller gives you more joy next trip out.

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    Unlucky mate suppose thats the only problem with dialing the scope rather than holdover best of luck on it next time.

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