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Thread: Smartphone software

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    Smartphone software

    I currently use the free "Shooter" software on my HTC phone. It is great for my needs and works well. I may be changing to my wife's old Iphone 3 GS if she goes ahead and upgrades this weekend.

    My question is, what is the best Iphone ballistic software? Is shooter available on Iphone? I just use it mainly to work out the trajectory (scope clicks) of given projectile prior to range time.

    I don't REALLY need software on phone, but I am a gadget man..........

    I would prefer free software, being a tight Yorkshireman.........


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    Don't know about Shooter - but there are plenty of good free apps for iPhone and there are a number of threads on here about the same.

    Mil-dot - iStrelok.....plenty to choose from.

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    I use Wichester's ballistic software which is Free on the iPhone - mainly use it for working out ranges etc

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    Ballistic FTE for iPhone but it is expensive around 14.00 but very good.
    Also Winchesrter Ballistic which is free.


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    All food for thought,thanks for the replies. I have quickload on the PC which is obviously excellent. A wee Iphone app would be good, I think I had Strelok and Shooter on the HTC at one time but found shooter easier to use so stuck with that.

    Will have a wee surf of Ballistic FTE this afternoon and see what is what, though 14............. It would have to be good!

    Cheers guys.

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    + 1 for BFTE. its very consistent and didnt need much tweaking to give me consistent info out to 1000yds. Buy cheap buy twice.. from a fellow yorkshireman!

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    Try Strelok, it free and a lot of people seem to rate it.

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    ballistic fte

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    I have strelok, and mil-dot on my phone, and much prefer strelok.

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