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Thread: steyr 243 info if possible please

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    steyr 243 info if possible please

    wonder if anybody could possibly help me with some info please.

    i have a steyr .243 that i bought from my local rfd when i got granted one on my ticket. its a wooden stock and it has twin triggers and a detatchable magazine (5 shot i think) and iron sights, though the parts are missing from them. could anybody tell me what model or anything about it please, i will try and get a picture up later on if it is helpful, but knowing half of you folk on here you could probably tell me who owned it, shot it, and what they had for thier breakfast with the sparse description i have just given.

    thank you remy17

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    Sound's like the model L half stock. Good rifle, made 'till the early 90's. Then the single set trigger took over with a hog's back stock. They shoot very well but mine was very fussy with certain brands of ammo. The Sportsman is the main dealer for them so I would imagine any spare parts would be availible through them

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    Hi remy, Go to page six in this category and look for mannlicher stutzen , you will find the steyr date codes for your rifle cheers High seat.

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