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Thread: Advertising on the site

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    Advertising on the site

    Sorry to have to bring this up but there have been a few instances lately where we have had to step in and speak to people about what could be described as illicit or unknowing advertising. It is quite simple if you have a service to offer other stalkers and you wish to advertise it then pm admin and we will make a decision with you on the best approach.

    It is not the intention of SD to make a fortune out of advertising but by the same token we have bills to pay in relation to the site. Plus, and this is very important, we have advertisers who pay and make no mistake about it their support enables this site to run, so in order to be fair to our paying advertisers we have to be quite strict about this.

    We donít think that we could be accused of being greedy or money grabbing, but on the other hand we cannot afford to run this site without it being self supporting. Advertising is available from £10 a month; see the shop page, which is not a lot nowadays less than a round of drinks. So without wishing to seem heavy handed I am afraid we intend to enforce this rule quite rigidly, so if you intend to sell stalking trips, goods, services or whatever be warned, if you fail to speak to us about it your post attempting this will be deleted.

    If we do not set the ground rules then mistakes are bound to happen, this way no one is in any doubt. Obviously this in no way affects the classified section.


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    Can't say fairer than that 8)

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    Ooops - I may have inadvertently breached this rule. Sorry to all concerned, though I know Malc is already aware.

    Rgds Ian

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    Deer Stalking Syndicate

    Sorry, I may have been guilty, but not intentionaly, the syndicate I run is NONE PROFIT MAKING, basically we all pay the same, myself included, if I do not fill the places then unfortunatley, the syndicate is no more.

    I have lost a few members this year, some to ill health and others, because of the Level 2 claws brought in by the Forestry Commission.

    If I have done wrong then please inform me and I will send the £10, this is a great site and I would not want to lose its benefits.

    all the best Nick

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    OK now I am moaning, advertising again

    As you all know the site is growing quickly, we have new members everyday which is good. It shows the site is popular for all the right reasons, it is interesting, full of information and help and the help it gives to newcomers to the sport via our generous members is in my opinion second to none.

    As you know both Malcolm and myself have appealed to people coming on here that they have to introduce themselves and do not advertise without getting in touch with us first. That usually lasts for a while then it gradually gets ignored, then we start the whole procedure of getting in touch with whoever is concerned and getting it sorted out, all time consuming.

    So here is the deal, when people come on and start advertising, their services, or business or whatever without speaking to us first then the post will be deleted, no PM, no warnings etc deleted on sight. It is quick and easy and very fair to our paying advertisers. It does not cost a fortune to advertise, this site is for the benefit of stalkers, not a free advertising area for commercial enterprise.

    Now I am feeling better.


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    Sounds pretty fair to this long term member.

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    nice one john lets keep the site for stalkers and stalking not a free ad space


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    Some of the web sites I have joined send you an email link to click on to verify your email address at this time they some times come equipt with a few brief do's and don't.
    Not sure if your can do this on the current double overhead elastic band powered host site but may be one to put on the back burner for if the site moves to another provider.

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    Make it sticky

    A humble suggestion, if I may?

    Make the Admin posting about advertising in 'stalking availability' sticky, so it doesn't get pushed down and out of sight as new postings come in.

    I am sure that most new Forum members with stalking to sell don't pile in with the intention of being rude or grabbing something for nothing, but neither is it realistic to expect all of them to visit the general section to read the health warning. Many post adverts without being aware of the house rules - and thereby ruffle feathers innocently. Make it easy for people to tow the line and most will.


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    stop moaning you ole git
    not sure how you can prevent it but as you say iot is a growing site once more
    sometimes a little free advertising may go a long way then put a cap on it

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