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Thread: Muntjac. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.

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    Muntjac. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.

    For many years I have been involved in Muntjact control. I use a call, which is sometimed amazingly effective but more often no response. Muntjac of both sexes have bounded in so close and so quickly that there was no chance to safely shoot. On other occasions several would be barking furiously from cover. Having shot many and being well aware not to over-use calling, I know WHAT happens but haven't the foggiest idea as to WHY. Has anyone worked out a reliable system eg weather, season, wind or other as my success or lack of it seems entirely random and I am none the wiser!

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    Yeah the i think the blank faces say it all .

    I have had very limited success and had put it down to a generally low population density. As you say though still sometimes it works really well. I wonder if it has something to do with what young are in the territory?

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    Hi Munty,

    I have a theory that if there is a doe in Oestrus in the area, a buck is likley to respond to the Buttulo, similarly with does which have recently birthed.

    I have had bucks respond to fox calls also (rabbit sqeal), one which I know was trailing a doe came 300 open yards in a very aggressive manner, small deer syndrome!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tabs View Post
    small deer syndrome!

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    Do you use a Buttolo? If you have a buck barking and stamping from cover half depress the ball silently and the squeeze all the way hard into the plunger you can feel inside to make a short, loud, Eeee-yok type sound. It will. Sometimes result in the buck bounding in. I tried this after watching two bucks fighting like fury and it Mimics the distress noise they were making.

    Often if a munty is coming in too strong and gets too close you can get a shot by standing still and quiet and letting it go back out, sometimes you can have them on a peice of string, coming in and out several times, depending on wind, always have your back to a tree or bank so you are not silhouetted.

    Clear still days seem to work best and I like to call them out of really dense cover into less dense cover as Muntjac are far more comfortable in cover rather than in the open.

    I love calling Muntjac, my favourite sport without doubt.
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