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Thread: feeding into spring

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    feeding into spring

    as my cover crops are about to be flailed down and i am in the process of clearing the shoot of the various kit drinkers, top nets ,etc i was wondering with this spell of hard weather how many shoots continue to feed ,i have decided to leave the miscanthus plots this year as i have done before to at least give some shelter for whats left and will be making sure there is food available ,i dont catch up any birds but isnt it amazing what turns up soon as the season finishs anyway i am off to town in the morning then out with some wheat

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    Good for you, only seems right to me that shoots should keep feeding until the hard weather passes. You only get what you put in...

    I'm planning feeding my ducks right up to march.
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    I always carried some feeding on till the weather warmed up a bit. Clearly the cost comes into it but many of the feeders will still have a fair amount in them but if the weather is like it is at present it's only fair to keep a supply going.
    If you are running a wild bird only shoot then feeding should be carried on longer.
    A word of warning, squirrels will give the plastic feeders a real hammering if you let them stay out while there is a small amount left in the bottom but not enough to come through the spiral, if there is corn in the spiral they will usually leave the barrel alone.

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    Once our cover gets flailed I move a few feeders back to the wood, where the release pen is and keep feeding for another couple of months. Have to tie feeders to trees to stop deer knocking them over.
    I have metal bottom feeders adapted / repaired for the wood as the squirrels will chew them as mentioned above. I made them from "discarded" road signs

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    We will keep feeding for a while yet, just depends how the weather goes as to how long.
    My Dad is getting jumpy about the price of wheat, but they won't eat that much now.
    All I do is move most of the feeders back in to the woods or at least easier places to get to.
    Off squirrel bashing in the morning, so that should help with the damage.
    Had a fair few in fenns, but you can't beat blowing them out of a tree.

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    Anybody know anything about putting small amounts of chili powder into the feeders as the birds don't mind it but the squirrels hate it. Answers please as it might save a bit of money on our shoot.


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    never heard that one mate sooner whack the tree rats with the beaters and wont be too long before i get trapping line going ,cyril the squirrel =good sport

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    Yes, we do try and keep them down but when you kill a lot, the space you create just allows more to move in. Something that would help reduce the amount they eat before they get cleared out would help.

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    We feed all year round, but reduce the amount of feeders we feed from thou from about march on
    We even put chick crumb in quite a few feeders as soon as we see our first chicks

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    keep your feeders going , we are in the leanest time of year now , this keeps your birds fit for the breeding season , also , put some wormer in their food now to help them through . keep some traps going near your feeders to knock off rats and squirrels , midle of march put some warfarine out for squirrels . Heres another one for you , if you have any dusting shelters on your shoot put some louse powder under them about the end of march , this helps to stop your hens fidgeting about on the nest

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