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Thread: 410 Magtech Brass Shotshell Hulls & Slugs

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    410 Magtech Brass Shotshell Hulls & Slugs

    I am looking to reload a few slugs for the dispatch of deer involved in road traffic accidents. Normally I use a 410 with 7 shot at very short range (1 yard) if the deer is immobile, but I would like a few slugs available if the deer is still on its feet.

    I am looking for load data for the Magtech brass cases.


    PS I have these on my FAC for this purpose.

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    Try load data for the .44 special
    and substitute the slug for the bullet.
    I shoot with a .444 marlin and use
    240 gr .44 lead bullet (.429-.430)
    21 grs of 2400
    cci large rifle primer
    In a .444 case which is the same dimensions as a .410 or there abouts (you can fire 2"410 shotcartridges through a .444 if you were so inclined)
    .44 and .444 brass can also be used for reloading 410 ammo if you like
    I use this load For indoor range work
    these work OK and should give you some were to not use bullets in a choked shotgun barrel only in a cylinder choke.
    hope this is of some help to you

    N.b these loads are safe in my rifle but may not be in your Gun


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    Thanks, very helpful.



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