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Thread: pvs gen 3 plus 2009 itt tube.

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    pvs gen 3 plus 2009 itt tube.

    Attachment 12345Attachment 12346Attachment 12348**** i cant put any pics of the machine on as i have over used my pics ...bugger,,ok well next post i shall put pics of the item,it is a hand held gen 3 plus mini 14,gen 3 auto gated,it is the single battery model with focus front with adjustment at the front as well,if you are close and want a test come on over you will be delighted i have driven with this monocular in very dark situactions no probs,my mate was slightly uneasy,me i could see all.i want 2500,but i am open to decent offers but only by p.m,,,,,,,any muppets offering on this link will be ignored,,SERIOUS KIT FOR SERIOUS BUYERS,ENJOY,
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    I am going to cut those pics out & frame them, what a lovelly place.

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    huh,aye it is bonnie tonight,it is a half moon an the deer are all doon about the hoose,-6.4 at the moment,but me and the deer love it,better than the pishin rain,need to get pics of the chassie of this machine up but the bugger wont let me.......

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    Just bought one of these...All I can say is they are just awesome.

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    on to ebay tonight.

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    Will get a bid on it for ya never know i may win it Do you have the item number don't see it
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    Why do these things come up for sale when I just spent out!!

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    all put it on in the next i start it at 99 pence????lol

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    i would be very careful i would start the bidding nearer to the figure you are looking for if you want 2k i would start at 1700 and you may only get 1800


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    Personally id put it on as Buy it now or best offer. Great bit of kit, had anothe rusing mine last night.

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